Defenture designs, develops, produces and maintains unique light tactical vehicles. Our vehicles provide security and mobility to military, law enforcement and specialized units carrying out demanding missions in challenging environments around the world. Our Defenture Modular Design Principles, are characterized by innovative designs, reliable strong lightweight construction techniques and advanced modular solutions. Combined with craftsmanship, passion, flexibility and drive, we provide special customised solutions, are we the reliable logistic partner for maintenance & service and a knowledge partner for training.


Defenture’s unique design and manufacturing process involves close cooperation with local partners to ensure a win-win result for all parties involved. These strong partnerships contribute to local business activity as well as cost and lead-time reduction.


Defenture founder Gerard Rond: “Quality, flexibility, mobility and progressive technology. That is what Defenture stands for.”

Gerard couldn't believe it when he spoke to one of the highest ranking Dutch military officer in 2012. “Our Special Forces carried out missions in conflict zones with a vehicle, originally not designed for these tasks and conditions. Our soldiers, doing most dangerous work, deserve the best gear to do their job.” The conversation was about the Ministry of Defense search for a suitable vehicle. There was no car built that met all the requirements. Gerard made a promise: “Give me the order and I promise they will get a vehicle that exceeds all expectations”. And that is how it all started.



  • Reliable: As a supplier and buyer in the chain, as a producer, as an employer and as a player in the social context, but also towards other stakeholders.


  • Specialist: High-quality knowledge and specific skills that make Defenture B.V. and its products unique.


  • Cooperative: by working closely together within the organization and with the right partners and stakeholders, Defenture is able to create solutions that are many times more effective than the collaborating parties could achieve individually.


We are a reliable innovative specialist, with dedication and determination. Our drive is to be a cooperative game changer, by developing "mission-safe (critical)" solutions with a can-do mentality in collaboration with our partners.



As the market leader in light tactical vehicles, Defenture creates mobility solutions that contribute to global security and freedom.

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