Defenture is growing

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The expansion of Defenture

Almost 10 years ago, 5 visionaries started a daring adventure in Tiel (The Netherlands); the development of the safest, unprecedented mobile platforms for military, law enforcement and specialized units, carrying out demanding missions in challenging environments around the world. A large event venue of 1500m2 was transformed into a state-of-the-art design, development, and production centre of excellence. With, less than 10 years later, the Scorpion, the GRF and the Mammoth as a result! Nowadays, over 70 talented and driven employees, empower Defenture every single day.

As our business activities and their scope continue to grow, the current premises no longer suffice. To accommodate our growth, we have recently started our expansion (since July 4th). On our current site, an extra new production facility of 1000m2 is being built at a rapid pace and additionally there will be space for more than 40 new workplaces. Our total capacity will be doubled, providing enough space for the Scorpion MDQ, the Mammoth and different configurations of the GRF to roll off the assembly line.

This will allow Defenture to offer the most safe and mobile solutions for those who protect us, NOW and in the FUTURE.