Defenture is a reliable partner, working closely together with strategic technological, financial and operational partners. Our cooperative and collaborative approach enables us to develop, deliver and maintain outstanding mobilty solutions. With the end user always on top of our mind. Rigorous and thorough testing is part of every project we complete, ensuring that each design meets specific military standards. Our expertise & leading technologies makes us a valuable partner.



KMW (Kraus-Maffei Wegmann), the German systems supplier for battle tanks and combat systems and Defenture, the Dutch manufacturer of special-purpose vehicles, enter into close strategic cooperation focusing on European programs in the domain of light tactical and air transportable mobile platforms, for which the basis is the Defenture GRF.  The Defenture Vector has already been introduced in the Netherlands and other NATO countries and has proven itself in operations. Combining strengths and core competences lead to an unique and complementary industrial interoperability teaming.

IntegratedPartner of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

We are pleased to announce that Defenture has been appointed the “IntegratedPartner” status of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

IntegratedPartners meet demanding engineering and quality control standards and requirements. We have been audited to VW’s high standards of quality and have been successfully approved. Defenture BV has been certified as an IntegratedPartner and has demonstrated outstanding technical expertise and experience in the conversion of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. Regular training courses ensure that its staff are familiar with the latest technical developments at all times.

We are proud Defenture has been recognised as Integrated Partner of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. Honoured for trusting Defenture as light air transportable tactical vehicle specialist.



Defenture's partner W-tec has enormous knowledge and experience that the Winkelhuis brothers have historically built up with their father in this firm. Designing a chassis with 4-wheel steering that meets the mobility requirements for military use is "business as usual" for W-tec. The specific requirement to integrate a diesel engine with an automatic transmission in a quad with a limited weight was grasped by W-tec with both hands, to demonstrate what is technically capable through this partnership in the Netherlands. To realise the military diesel quad, W-tec will develop a special automatic gearbox based on existing automotive products. Defenture and W-tec have combined their skills and expertise to create the best possible mobility solution for the client.