Get to know the Scorpion


Powertrain with variable transmission

Multifuel diesel engine

Variable transmission (from 3 to 100 km/h)

Terrain capacity and mobility

Continuous 4 wheel drive including differential

4-wheel steering

High off-road suspension capacity


Air Transportable

Internal transport


Multifunctional Mule

High payload --> 500 kg

Front and back mount for medic stretcher

Variable weapon mount

Multifunctional loading deck front and back



  • Curb weight: 700 Kg
  • Length: 2530 mm
  • Width: 1524 mm
  • Height: 1200 mm (ex protection)
  • Angle of approach (unloaded): >70┬░
  • Ground Clearance (unloaded): 270 mm
  • Payload front deck: max 100kg
  • Payload rear deck: max 200kg
  • Max Total Vehicle weight: 1200 kg
  • Engine Type: Diesel common rail - 3 cyl
  • Max power: 45 Kw
  • Max torque: 200 Nm
  • Fuel Types: Diesel, Kerosine F-63
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: .28 L
  • Operational Fuel Range: 600 km
  • Drive line: Permanent 4x4
  • Transmission: RVT Variable transmission
  • Differentials Front/Rear: Hydraulic operated┬ásystem, 0% - 90% infinitely
  • Tires: 27x9x14 Run-Flat
  • Rims: Bead lock

More information?

The weight and dimensions of the Vector are designed to fit in a chinook helicopter. Special lifting brackets make the Vector also transportable in underslung, hanging from a helicopter.