World’s leading specialist in the design and development of light air transportable tactical vehicles.

r&d department

The unique engineering philosophy, configuration management and extensive industrial know-how make Defenture very flexible in the area of designing, developing and industrializing special vehicles which meet the customer’s needs. Based on a basic design, which also resulted in the Ground Force, the R&D department can develop any new vehicle that can be used for various operations.  Whether in the area of disaster relief, law enforcement or defence, Defenture knows how to design a multi-purpose vehicle that is reliable under the most extreme circumstances.

R&D’s main business functions:

  • Research of relevant technological  developments
  • Research of innovations of products and components in the market
  • Research of ways to improve internal working methods and technical applications.


The starting point in the entire engineering process is to bring together urgent operational requirements and possible solutions in a kind of pressure cooker process of a limited number of months, in which a developed concept is tested along all 'lines of development' through rigorous experiments as well as operational tests. It is an intensive trial and error process that places high demands on the flexibility and innovative capacity of all parties involved, which must result in the fulfilment of urgent operational requirements within a relatively short period of time. Extremely difficult conditions, where temperatures can fluctuate between minus 40 and plus 70 degrees Celsius. To meet the most critical requirements for military deployment, such as riverbeds, mud, desert, snow or narrow goat paths in mountainous terrain.


At Defenture, we build the best vehicle for any mission. With the Integrated Logistics Support method, all possible maintenance tasks are mapped out. We document these tasks, step by step in manuals, spare parts lists, necessary tools, etc. To optimize easy maintenance for tasks to be performed quickly. So that our vehicle is available for what it is intended for: driving.

Most customers carry out part of the maintenance themselves. Once we know which part of the maintenance will be performed by the client and which part is performed by Defenture, we set up workshops and we organize training courses for both users and maintainers.





We use the Integrated Logistics Support methodology with the aim of guaranteeing the required availability of our vehicles and solutions at the lowest possible cost. The ILS process runs parallel to the product development process and continues throughout the entire life cycle of a system. ILS leads to data and plans for the logistic support of our vehicles, such as:

- Planning of maintenance, both periodic/preventive and corrective

- Training of operating and maintenance personnel

- Planning and purchasing of stock spare parts

- Consumables and test materials

- Data of all above processes in manuals (in a CSDB)

- Documentation to support the above processes.



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training programs

Defenture provides driver/operator and maintenance training courses tailored specifically to user requirements. Courses can be run centrally at our affiliated facilities or in the field at a user’s location. Our programs reflect your training requirements, ensuring the right level of knowledge is delivered directly to your teams or using “Train the Trainer” packages.

test circuit

Defenture founder Gerard Rond's Experience Island, which, in addition to an event hall and vehicle hangars, offers a test, trial demonstration and training area for off-road vehicles around a quarry pond up to 22 metres deep on more than 50 hectares. The settings that can cope with almost any off-road challenge.

The built-in hills, steep stretches with a gradient of more than 60 per cent, subsoils of concrete, rubble, wood and unpaved sand, bridges, overpasses and forest passages are constantly improved for training. So that the off-road Defenture vehicles can be operated to their performance limits.






Experience Island's training area represents almost the entire spectrum of off-road challenges that commandos and special forces have to deal with in the field. Good training is necessary so that the drivers can make full use of their vehicle's capabilities. That is why it is not only the Dutch soldiers who are regular guests at the training area. We learn about the needs from the users' point of view and to use them for the design of the vehicles.


'Our pragmatic approach and collaboration with the end user allows us to quickly implement new solutions'.

CEO - Henk van der Scheer

Defentures Quality Standards

Defenture is a process driven organisation with a ISO 9001-2015 and AQAP 2110 certification. International standards (NEN, DIN, ISO, STANAG, AECTP etc.) are common and embedded in the used processes.