24 & 25 august 2022: DALO industry DAYS


Defenture present at the DALO INDUSTRY DAYS

Defenture is present at the DALO Industry days In Denmark. Together with our partner MED (Military Equipment Denmark) Defenture will showcase the Scorpion and GRF platforms.

During the DALO Industry Days, Defenture will not only statically show its platforms, but will also present various live demonstrations to show the capabilities of dedicated MOTS platforms with the highest level of mobility for all theaters of operation across the globe. The DALO Industry Days take place annually in Ballerup, Denmark. Started in 2012, the event has evolved ever since. The number of attendees and exhibitors have increased year after year, and the event will even stretch over two days this year. For more information about the DALO days, please visit this website.

Would you already like to plan your meeting in advance, please feel free to reach out via e-mail.

We look forward to meeting all interested and our international (business) relations in Denmark!