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Defenture signs contract with armasuisse for delivery of GRF.

Tiel, The Netherlands, December 19, 2023

Armasuisse, the Federal Office for Defence Procurement in Switzerland, signed a contract with Defenture for the delivery of the GRF (Groundforce) for the LAUF20 program. The signed contract is a follow-up of the initial prototype delivery from 2021. The LAUF20 programs foresees in equipping the Swiss Army with state-of-the-art mobility capabilities with the light tactical and air transportable GRF.

The LAUF 20 program foresees in the delivery of a batch of a user centric configurated Defenture GRF. The baseline GRF will be equipped with a wide range of sub-systems, e.g. weapon system, communication suite, various (optical) systems, and a mast solution. Defenture as GRF OEM (original equipment manufacturer) will also act as system integrator for the delivery of the complete system. For the delivery of the systems, close collaboration with internationally well-known OEM’s is in place, among others General Dynamics and Comrod. Apart from sub-system integrations, the vehicles will also be delivered in a specific bodywork variant.

Henk van der Scheer, CEO Defenture: ‘’For Defenture it is a great complement that a high-quality focus organization as armasuisse selects Defenture as one stop shop mobility supplier. After a thorough test and verification period with a full prototype system, we look forward to the further cooperation with armasuisse. Armasuisse joins the ever-growing international user base of Defenture platforms, confirming the international requirements for battlefield proven and truly MOTS systems, dedicated developed for those who serve to protect us and our societies.

Defenture places high demands on mobility, safety, payload, modular design and also focuses on the lowest possible lifecycle costs. These requirements are combined and integrated at every stage of the design of our vehicles. Defenture vehicles are built from the ground up to be mission-winning assets. A strong lightweight design, impressive construction techniques and dynamic driving characteristics create improved mobility for troops and specialists.

Defenture as a Netherlands based OEM of light tactical and air transportable vehicles, in a range from one up to nine tons, is already proud mobility partners of various special forces and para units, among others, the Dutch and German Ministry of Defence.


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