Energymanagement test with KCT

Energymanagement test with KCT

The energy consumption of today’s military vehicles is increasing; more and more state of the art high tech equipment and advanced communication systems will be used during 24/7 operations. Therefore, energy supply is essential within operational actions. From a sustainability point of view as well as operating in silence during a vehicle's static period, alternative energy management systems are needed.

April 13th Defenture joined the KICK OFF of the Energy Management ATTV VECTOR project. As integration partner par excellence, we integrated the most diverse and custom-made systems on the VECTOR. During this project, Defenture has cooperated together with the customer in order to integrate three different Energy Management solutions which will meet the requirements for an experimental case.

Three ATTV vehicles have been equipped with three different, fully integrated energy management, systems which will be tested thoroughly by the end users over the next few months. The aim of this project is to map out future energy consumption and to find the best solution to facilitate this increased energy consumption, within operational limits. In particular, the objective of being statically deployable for at least a certain amount of hours will be leading for the final decision-making.

The integrated systems variate from:
- the replacement of a battery pack, consisting of special military Li-Ion batteries;
- the integration of fuel cell generator technology;
- the integration of a portable power management system including energy storage, power generation (with solar panels and wind turbine) and power management components to meet power needs and application requirements.
Furthermore the systems are modular, portable and plug & play ready.